Supervisor HSE Leadership Checklist

Supervisor HSE Leadership Checklist

The front-line supervisor influences worker behaviour just as any line supervisor, manager, or executive does. While not as simple as observing worker behaviours, the actions of front-line leaders in the health and safety management system are measurable. If you believe in the idea that what gets measured gets managed, then this checklist may be helpful to your organization.

Measuring and assessing the quality of supervisor actions and providing coaching are essential. These are practices that increase compliance and improve culture and overall organizational strength.

Our Supervisor HSE Leadership checklist contains 11 specific activities that typically fall to the front-line leader in most health and safety management systems. Each checklist item aligns with a legislative requirement or an industry practice. They help establish a measurable base for supervisor leadership in the critical areas of risk assessment and health and safety communications.

This checklist is part of our Contractor Management Basics package that contains ten lists with more than 130 compliance and culture-building items. Contractor Management Basics gives you a realistic measurement framework from mobilization and emergency preparation to chemical management and supervisor leadership.

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