Safety Quotient™

Partnership with TalentClick saves contractors time, money, and lives.

CQ Network is excited to announce its new partnership with TalentClick, developer of the workforce assessment tool Safety Quotient™.

Safety Quotient™ is a new and innovative assessment technology that measures 5 unique personality traits directly connected to unsafe behaviors. SQ™ is recommended as “one piece of the safety puzzle” to provide employers and employees with insights into potential safety risks on an individual-person basis.

By integrating TalentClick assessments and training into their safety operations, contractors large and small can show their commitment to safety in order to reduce risk of incidents and increase revenue by securing more bids.

Companies using Safety Quotient™ have seen an average of 20% in reductions of workplace incidents!

OFFER: To celebrate this partnership, you’re invited to a 30-Day Trial*, free of charge!

The Safety Quotient™ Personality Risk Assessment Helps Reduce Human Error

SQ™ is an online assessment that measures the key personality traits related to safety behaviors in the workplace. It helps leading companies identify and address potential risks within workers’ “default behaviors” that may lead to human error on the job.

How it works

Safety Quotient™ begins with an online questionnaire that takes less than 20 minutes to complete, is available in several languages, and is written at a fourth grade reading level for easy accessibility. Once complete, automated reports are generated that outline the participant’s unique default personality and provides guided interview questions and ongoing management, coaching and development tips to ensure that only the safest employees are on your team.

A Self-Study Training Tool

The SQ™ Participant Report includes the self-study training tool, SafeSELF Action Plan, which helps even the most at-risk workers make safer decisions on the job, thereby requiring less safety-related management. With less time, cost and effort required for policing, organizations can free up resources to make more fruitful investments that move their business forward.

* For New Customers Only. Maximum 25 assessments.

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