Hand Traps Checklist

Hand Traps checklist

Hand Traps Checklist

For many occupations in high-risk industries like construction, manufacturing, forestry and mining, the workers hands are frequently at the point of operation – the location where work gets done and energy is transferred. No matter the task, your hands are the critical and vulnerable link between your brain and the work piece, tool or equipment controls, at the point of operation.

In a recent US Department of Labor study, of all injures reported, injuries to fingers and hands accounted for more than 23%, making them the highest in preventable injuries, and in terms of lost work days, they ranked second only to back and neck injuries.

And, according to OSHA, 70% of hand and arm injuries could have been prevented with personal protective equipment, specifically, task-appropriate gloves.

Our Hand Traps checklist is a focus observation that can be used to health check your hand injury prevention strategy. The checklist identifies 13 critical items that assess PPE and other significant contributing conditions and behaviors that lead to hand injuries.

The Hand Traps checklist is a part of our Contractor Management Basics package that contains 10 checklists with more than 130 critical compliance and culture building items. From effective mobilization and emergency preparation to chemical management and supervisor leadership, Contractor Management Basics gives you a assessment framework for ensuring you are doing the right things, in the right amounts, at the right time.

Download our checklist here: Hand Traps Checklist

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