Data Partners

University of Alberta

The University of Alberta and the Hole School of Construction Engineering have entered into an exclusive agreement with CQ Network as the sole provider of SuretyAssist™ technology. The Hole School of Construction Engineering at the University of Alberta is one of the world’s leading construction management programs. Its mandate is to carry out industrially relevant research and deliver innovation to the Canadian construction industry in the form of technology, education and training. CQ Network is a proud supporter of continued corporate and academic partnerships that bring leading-edge technology development and innovative software solutions to industry.

Industry Partners
The Alberta construction industry is closely tied to the Hole School of Construction Engineering. The School now has twenty-seven industrial partners who are involved in various areas of research on a day-to-day basis. Dr. Simaan AbouRizk, holder of the NSERC Alberta Industrial Research Chair in Construction Engineering and Management and also holder of the Canada Research Chair in Operations Simulation along with Dr. Aminah Robinson Fayek, holder of the NSERC Industrial Research Chair in Strategic Construction Modeling and Delivery support a broad-ranging program of research which has produced impressive innovations for the construction industry. Dr. AbouRizk and Dr. Robinson Fayek’s unique ties to industry allow for an unprecedented level of industry involvement, support and adoption of new technology and techniques.

Knowledge Transfer
To showcase their innovations, the Hole School of Construction Engineering has for the past seventeen years hosted the Annual Canadian Construction Research Forum. This conference has proven to be an invaluable venue for sharing research and experience among academia and industry. The Forum includes industry research presentations, technical demonstrations, industry roundtables, and an opportunity for academics and industry personnel to network and communicate.

The SafetyNET – BIS Training Solutions

The SafetyNET is a continent-wide network of service providers that develop and deploy industry recognized safety training courses. Through a centrally managed system, these companies have compiled a comprehensive course library accessible to all SafetyNET partners. Together, these companies are building what will soon be the most complete online library of safety training courses available today. CQ Network is a partner and value-added reseller of SafetyNET training products. The CQ Network web-site provides single point access to a selection of industry approved safety training courses.