Contractor Mobilization Checklist

Contractor Mobilization Checklist

Mobilization is the series of actions required to bring the contractor’s people, equipment and materials to the work site.  Doing this well is a high-value contractor management activity. Proper ‘mob-up’ is important for both contractor and client as it generally determines how quickly and how well the contractor meets project objectives for safety, quality and productivity. Committing these steps to a measurable standard is also a project management best practice.

As always, the degree that activities are planned and discussed can make the difference between staggering out the gate or coming out primed to execute.

Our Contractor HSE Mobilization Checklist can be used to set requirements and provide a compliance framework for management of contractor mob-up. It includes 15 critical activities that ensure clarity and set standards for communication and execution of worksite HSE requirements. Key content includes site-specific execution plan, line management and worker knowledge, risk assessment and identification of superseding HSE standards.

This checklist is a part of the Contractor Management Basics package that contains ten checklists with more than 130 critical compliance items. From effective mobilization and emergency preparation to chemical management and supervisor leadership, Contractor Management Basics gives you a compliance framework for ensuring your contractors are doing the right things, at the right time, in the right amounts.


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