Contractor Management Standard

Free Contractor Management Standard

Need a set of instructions, forms and information on how to improve your contractor management process? Contractor management is more than prequalification and comparing workers compensation rates. Acquire the bedrock elements of contractor management with a standard that identifies requirements, resources and tools to reduce contractor-related risk.

    High Value – No Cost

    Gain immediate value with requirements and tools for implementing high-impact contractor management activities including contractor pre-screening, review and approval, kick-off and mobilization, performance review and much more.


    The Standard has been developed to help you:

    • Learn the fundamentals of the contractor management lifecycle
    • Establish clear lines of responsibility for high impact contractor management activities
    • Provide an efficient process to set contractor expectations
    • Identify the three phases of contractor management
    • Incorporate valuable and sustainable controls
    • Develop management practices that bring improved contractor performance

    The download is a great resource for general contractors looking to implement a new vendor management process or adding new pieces to their existing process.

    At CQN, we are all about doing the right things, in the right amounts at the right time. We excel at each stage and can provide the right contractor management tool for any organization.

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