Contractor Management AMA Session

Contractor Management AMA Session

Watch our Qualifying Contractors: Risk and Best Practices Ask Me Anything broadcast with President, Pat Robinson, hosted by Safeopedia.

The AMA was presented as a follow-up to our Qualifying Contractors: Risks and Best Practices webinar from September 2018. For the AMA, we compiled the questions that came in on the pre-webinar survey in addition to questions that came in for the AMA and grouped them into the major themes that the attendees were most interested in.

Themes that are addressed in this AMA include:

  1. Contractor management in general.
  2. Current contractor prequalification best practices.
  3. Contractor approval criteria.
  4. How much process is enough and client liability.
  5. The role of automation, third-party registries and administration.
  6. Managing Contractor Performance in the Active Phase.
  7. Managing small contractors.
  8. Management leadership and support.
  9. And finally, the concept of post-qualification and sustainability.

We encourage those that didn’t listen to the original webinar to go back and have a listen and review the slide deck on our blog page.

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