CQ Network

CQ Network is an information technology company that specializes in contractor management software and support services. Our products and services provide cost savings and improved business efficiency through automation of manual systems. Simple data management, online document management tracking and verification, and managed contractor due diligence are the core of our products.  The application is an excellent choice for purchasing organizations that desire a third party contractor health and safety approval service that meets fundamental legislated standards and industry best practices.

Comply with Best Practices

CQN provides a range of products suitable for purchasing organizations of any size and contractor-base diversity. In addition to class-leading configurability, and the ability to provide custom solutions at the desk-top, our products deliver turn-key compliance to industry contractor management Best Practices*.

Contractor Assessment

Integrated contractor evaluations and approval services ensure your contractors have the corporate support systems and standards to implement industry-leading health and safety systems. Our network of credentialed and experienced safety professionals vet each participating contractor against critical HSE standards, legislative compliance and performance metrics. Reduce risk and increase peace-of-mind with CQN.

Real Industry Experience

CQN has been active in the oil & gas, construction, power generation, transportation, mining, forestry and manufacturing industries since 2004. We bring a wealth of real-world contractor management experience and knowledge to our product design and in the delivery of our services. We come from projects big and small, not boardrooms and academia. We believe that contractor management is hard and critical work and that technology is only a part of the solution.

Voice of the Customer

We believe in the voice of the customer and personalized service. If your experience with traditional contractor registries has been uninspired, frustrating and expensive, We Get It!  Technology without heart is no fun and frequently results in poor outcomes. Call us. You’ll get a different approach that combines a great product with class-leading customer care.